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Explore the island of Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra has a tourism potential that should not be underestimated. You can find a variety of tourist charms, ranging from nature, culture, history, to culinary specialties. All of these things you can certainly feel while on vacation in Sumatra. Not only offering amazing charm, each tourist attraction has a story and uniqueness that is interesting to know.

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    Sumatra Mountain Tour

    Bukit Lawang - Berastagi - Lake Toba

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    From East to West

    Medan - Bukit Lawang - Berastagi - Pulau Banyak - Bukittinggi

  • North Sumatra Tour

    Medan - Berastagi - Lake Toba - Pulau Banyak - Ketambe

  • Banyak Island

    Singkil - Banyak - Singkil

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    North Sumatra - Aceh Tour

    Medan - Bukit Lawang - Berastagi - Lake Toba - Tapaktuan - Banda Aceh - Sabang

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    On Request

    Please order a special route according to your request, if approved

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